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A new patient is defined as a patient who is manually registered but, who has not been entered yet into the on-line system. In order to be considered manually entered into the registry the patient must be: assigned a National ID Number and have had Form 1 (Demographic Form) of  the Diabetes Registry completed.


To add a new patient to the on-line registry system a user must perform the following:

  1. Login to the system. The user's browser should show the Main Page.

  2. In the Main Page, enter a new National ID Number and then click on the Add /Edit Record button. An empty Demographic Data entry form will be displayed as follow:

  • The assigned National ID Number should appear in the field of National ID # within the form. User should enter the following fields:

    1. Required Fields:

      • Serial Number (Must be entered within range Min=1000000 and Max= 9000000)

      • Date of Registration (Must be entered as a Hijri Date)

      • First,Father,Grandfather and Family Name

      • Sex

      • Date of Birth (Must be entered as a Hijri Date)

      • Initial Type of Diabetes

      • Date of Initial Diagnosis (Must be entered as a Hijri Date)

      • Form Filled On Date

      • (Automatically displays the current date in Gregorian. This can however be modified))
      • Form Filled By

      • Form Entered By

    2. Optional Fields:

      • MRN

      • Residence Region (To be selected from the list)

      • Marital Status

      • Blood Group

      • Address

      • P.O.Box

      • Town/City (To be selected from the list)

      • Postal Code

      • Telephone Number

      • Mobile Number

      • Email Address


  • Click on the Add New button.


    In case of any error in data entry , a page appears showing errors in data entry. The user is asked to go back to the data entry form, 

    by pressing Back to Data Entry Form button and correct the mistakes and then re-submit the form.

    If all fields were entered correctly, the system automatically transfers control to the Diabetes Status/Family history form. On the

    completion of Form 2, the Treatment Form will show up. Similarly, on the completion of Form 3 the last form Complications &

    Associated Diseases will appear on the screen.

    Once all the forms are entered correctly the control will finally get transferred to the Patient's Record Page.



    All date fields are formatted as: dd / mm / yyyy. The date must be entered as a Hijri date (except for the Form Filled On date which is  recorded as a Gregorian Date) and the year part must be entered as a 4 digit number.



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